Picture of Richard Rooke
Letter to all 2020-2021 parents / carers
by Richard Rooke - Wednesday, 15 July 2020, 4:01 PM

Dear Parents / Carers,


Firstly, thank you for your continued patience and support over the last three weeks.  We have very much enjoyed seeing pupils in school again and look forward to seeing everyone in September.  


Secondly, as you know, schools will reopen on 1st September.  Whilst we are still in the midst of addressing the finer details, we want to let you know our plans for when pupils will return.  The most recent Welsh Government guidance (released on 13th July) gives us the flexibility to have some preparation time for staff and a phased approach to inviting pupils into school.  The guidance also makes it clear that school attendance in September is compulsory, therefore we expect all pupils to return on the dates below:



2020-21 (New) Year Groups expected to attend:

Tuesday 1st September

None – Staff Preparation Day

Wednesday 2nd September

New Year 7 – all new year 7 pupils to attend, Year 12, Year 13

Thursday 3rd September

New Year 7 – all new year 7 pupils to attend, Year 12, Year 13

Friday 4th September

New Year 7, as above, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12, Year 13

Monday 7th September

All pupils in all year groups to return


When pupils return there are several key things to know:


  • We will expect pupils to socially distance from staff at all times while on site and, where and when possible, from each other.  We will expect pupils to avoid unnecessary contact with other pupils, wash their hands regularly and especially on arrival, before and after lunch and each time they visit a toilet.  We will also expect pupils to sanitise their hands regularly using the dispensers in classrooms and outside;
  • Pupils should attend school every day from the dates noted above unless there is a medical reason not to.  Attendance will be compulsory and any absence must be accompanied by a medical note and communication with school – as per normal school procedure;
  • Under no circumstances should pupils attend school if they show Covid-19 symptoms, have tested positive in last 7 days, if they live with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive in the last 14 days.  Children who are extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 and have received a shielding letter from the health authorities must not attend unless specifically advised that it is safe to do so;
  • Parents need to give consent to the attendance of clinically vulnerable pupils. If a pupil lives in a household with someone who is vulnerable or extremely vulnerable, they should only attend school if they can keep to social distancing and are able to understand and follow those instructions.  Allowing your child to attend will be deemed as parents / carers giving consent;
  • Children who start showing symptoms while in school will be kept separate and we expect that they will be collected and taken home as soon as possible. Anyone displaying symptoms should stay at home for 7 days. Anyone who lives with someone displaying symptoms but who remains well should stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person became ill.  Anyone told to isolate for 14 days by a contact tracer as part of the Test, Trace and Protect (TTP) system should not attend school during those 14 days;
  • The present advice is that it is not necessary to screen temperatures on arrival and we will not be doing so.  There is also no need to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when undertaking routine educational activities in classrooms and pupils will be told to remove face coverings when in class. Pupils may wear face coverings when moving round the school, during break and lunch time and on the way to and from school;
  • Learners must wear full school uniform. If for any reason they are unable to, they must come into school with a note from a parent / carer.  Whilst some flexibility has been allowed over the last three weeks, all normal school rules regarding uniform will apply from September;

·         Pupils must make sure they have their own writing equipment (pens, pencils and crayons / felt tips) with them in a pencil case as sharing will not be permitted – teachers will be unable to lend equipment.  The water fountains will also be turned off, so learners should bring bottled water with them, take the bottles home at the end of the day and not share them with anyone.  Sharing of food, equipment, drinks and any other items will not be permitted;

  • We are still awaiting guidance from the Local Authority about arrangements for school transport;
  • The canteen will be open to pupils. No pupils in any year group will be allowed off-site at lunch time;
  • Those pupils who have internal exclusions pending will begin serving those exclusions during the second and third weeks back in school.

We are genuinely looking forward to seeing pupils in school again from September.  Thank you for your co-operation and support. 


Neil Foden