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  • General

  • How to wash your hands


    • Home Isolation Advice

      Essential Advice Storyboard

      How to use the NHS Storyboard

      Spot the signs

    • Working from Home

      Pupils will be able to access work from home if they have access to a computer or smart phone.

      Pupils will have a username & password (which they use to log in to the computer at school).  They will need to know this but most other passwords can be reset using their school email <username>

      Office 365 

      Login in using email and usual password

      In Office 365 you will have access to various applications including:

      Outlook - for emails (you will need this to pick up any password reset emails)

      Note - the first time you use Outlook you may be asked to set the timezone - choose Dublin,Edinborough, London, Lisbon --> Save

      Teams - some work may be set on teams and this may also be used for virtual classrooms.

      Office Applications

      If you have not downloaded Office 365 at home then you can still access it but if you would like to download it, information to do this is here.

      Show My Homework

      It is advisable to use the school email for this but a few pupils have used their own email in which case substitute this for School email in the below.

      Login using school email or sometimes just username and SMH password

      If you have forgotten the SMH password then click on Forgot password?

      This will allow you to send an email to reset the password - type in your SCHOOL email and click reset.

      You will then need to go into Office 365 to pick up the email in Outlook.

      Open the email and click on the Reset Password button.

      Note that the SMH password needs to be at least 10 characters with; small letters, Capital letters, numbers and special characters (e.g. ! or % etc).


      This is the same site as the school website but if pupils login using their school username and password they will have access to Course materials via the Course link.

      GCSE Pod

      GCSE Pod has many useful videos on all GCSE Subjects.

      Year 10 & 11 pupils will have setup logins for this but KS3 - Year 9 pupils may also find this useful and can set up an account if they wish.

      To set up a new account Click on "New Here Get Started"

      GCSE Pod Get Started Guide

      Note - It is advisable to use the SAME USERNAME as at school and put in the SCHOOL email as the reset email address.  This way pupils can reset their own password and pick up the reset email in Office 365 should they forget it.

      If the reset password email has been set as above then if you do forget your password it can be reset without having to go to the IT department.

      If you have not set a Reset email address then we advise that you do this asap in GCSE Pod --> My Account

      WJEC Past Papers

      This gives access to Past Papers for all WJEC Subjects (GCSE & GCE (A & AS).

      WJEC Resources

      This gives access to useful resources for revision.  Again you can choose the subject and level.

      My Maths

      For KS3 Pupils - they should have been given a username and password to log in to this.

      Seneca Learning

      Free interactive revision guide reflecting the WJEC. 

      Please note - when you set up an account please use your usual username and school email to make things easier for you to remember & reset.

      Hwb Resource Page

      How to study at home without getting distracted

      Study break Tips

    • Mental Health / Pastoral Support

       In these challenging times, mental health is just as important as physical health.  Whilst pupils are not in school please find below some useful links and resources to support mental health and wellbeing:


      For mental health and wellbeing support:

      If a child needs help:

      For support with cyberbullying, social media and relationships:

      For child protection support:

      In addition please find some useful phone numbers:


      Be’ ‘di’r Sgor: Young Person’s Drug and Alcohol Service: 01248 683 029

      Frank (drug and alcohol support for young people): 0300 123 6600

      Samaritans: (suicide and mental health support) 116 123

      North Wales Police: 0300 330 0101

      Barnados (for, in particular, support with Child Sexual Exploitation): 02920 491 743




      Gwynedd: 01766 772577

      Anglesey: 01248 725 888

      Conwy: 01492 575 111