Topic outline

  • Show my Homework

    What is Show My Homework? 

    It is a very simple on-line homework calendar showing homework information, deadlines, web-links, worksheets and attachments for students and parents. It can be accessed via a home lap-top or computer. Students and parents also have the option to download a free app onto their phones, tablets, ipods or ipads. Furthermore, the system will generate daily notifications to remind you which homework is due the next day.

     Why have we introduced it?

    • to improve the clarity and quality of homework
    • to help parents support their children's learning at home
    • to help our students get organised and feel more in control of their homework

    What happens if we lose our log-ins?

    If you lose your log-in details, either as a student or a parent, you can still access the Show My Homework website via the link on our school site.  You can reset your password any time by clicking on the Reset password link.  This will send an email to re-set your password.  Most pupils will be setup with their school email (<username>  The password reset email can then be accessed via Office 365 --> Outlook.  You should see an email there from Show My Homework with a button to re-set your password.

    Note the password has to be at least 10 characters long and have; small letters, Capital letters, numbers and special characters (like ! or %).

    You will need to type the password in twice and click on Change password.

    Once the password has been changed your username should be your email address (some pupils may be set up with just their username for ease of use)

    What if we do not have a lap-top, computer, ipad, ipod or smartphone?

    Don't worry, students who don't have access to Show My homework at home can still request a planner and teachers will continue to ensure that resources are provided. In addition, students are welcome to use the computers at school at lunchtime in A1 or after school in M8 to access the Show My Homework site should they need to.