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  • Estyn Inspection Report 2017

    Ysgol Friars Press Release

    Friars was judged “good” in all five of the key inspection areas.

    The inspectors noted that the school is particularly effective in setting high expectations for pupils’ behaviour, their attitudes to learning and the standard of their work.

    The inspectors particularly praised pupils’ behaviour. They described our youngsters as “very impressive” during the visit and the report says that they behave very well and that many are committed learners “who make strong progress in their studies and display a clear sense of ambition”.  They found that pupils enjoyed school, felt safe and that the school deals well with the very few incidents of bullying which occur.

    The “consistently high quality of teaching across the school” was a notable feature. They also praised the wide range of extra-curricular activities available.

    Pupils make consistently strong progress. In external examinations, the school has performed well and girls have consistently done better compared with those in similar schools over the last four years but that boys also do well. The most able pupils also perform better than in similar schools.

    They found that reading and number skills among pupils were particularly strong.

    They stated that the school was effectively led and that the Headteacher and senior staff had created a culture of high expectation, with pupils successfully supported by well-qualified staff.

    Headteacher Neil Foden said: “We are delighted with this report which is a tribute to the hard work of the whole school community, particularly the pupils and the staff who teach them. We’d also like to thank the parents who give us so much support.”

    “We regularly ask pupils and parents their opinions of how we are progressing and the responses are always overwhelmingly positive, but it’s great to be recognised officially for the good work we do.”

    The inspectors only made three recommendations, which were to increase toilet facilities, to ensure that the provision for Welsh matches all pupils’ abilities and previous experience and to make our self-evaluation procedures more consistent.

    Attached is the full inspection report.