• Aims of SNAG:

    • To enhance the opportunities for young people to access a healthy diet and to develop a positive attitude towards food and health.
    • Create a sense of responsibility and ownership amongst pupil population regarding food in school.
    • Promote sound nutrition knowledge and cooking skills amongst the school population
    • facilitate the introduction of trial and tested healthy dishes into the school menu
    • Make recommendation for change
    • Generate partnership working between relevant parties
    • Promote the development of a Food in School Policy
    • Support recommendations set in the Welsh Assembly Government consultation document Appetite for Life (2006), and subsequent action plan.
    • SNAG meetings for the year 2019-2020:




      • There will be a theme day every half term.

        Each theme day pupils will have the chance to try food from a particular country.

        • Noah Foster Mannion

          Tyrese Cowell

          Bethan Billington

          Arianwen Bragg

          Jorvan Khakh

          Niki Scherer

          Gypsy Fury

          Ameerah Gould

          Megan Roberts

          Mathew Hardaker

          Liam Harlin

          Bethany Griffiths

          • Our group meets once every half term with a link teacher and a representative from the School Canteen.

            Various topics are discussed and suggestions are made. 

            Our SNAG rep liaises with the School Council.

            • Anybody can become a SNAG member at the start of the year.

                  • We choose the theme days for the whole school year.
                  • We have reviewed the salad bar and sandwiches selection.
                  • The break time was extended by 5 minutes at the start of this school year as the SNAG members realised that 15 minutes was not enough to go to the canteen and enjoy a snack and a drink with friends.
                  • Also, some pupils, who have lunch over break time, did not have enough time.
                  • There are some Healthy Eating posters at the entrance of the canteen.
                  • We produced a whole School Food Survey and the feedback was shared with the canteen staff to improve what pupils wanted.