• 1)      Pupils will gain 1 point for their house for gaining 100% attendance EACH WEEK

    2)      Attainment - Pupils will receive 1 point for achieving their target and 2 points for exceeding their target in each subject.

    3)      Every pupil participating in Interhouse competitions will gain 1 point and those in the winning team will receive 4 points (in addition to the overall points for the competition).  Also Pupils nominated as players of the tournament will be awarded 10 points

    4)      Pupils will gain 1 point for each Tocyn Iaith and 1 point for each Commendation

    5)      Pupil of the Month (POM) - Pupils will receive 20 points for achieving a Pupil of the Month award.

    5)      The winning House at the end of each term will receive a prize.

    6)      The overall winner at the end of the year will also receive a prize.

    • Thanks to all the pupils who completed the Housepoints Survey.

      See attached results.


      KEY STAGE 3




      Year & Sport





      Year   7 Boys Rugby


      Years   8-9 Boys Rugby


      Years   7-9 Gymnastics (Boys & Girls)


      Years   8-9 Netball


      Years   7-9 Badminton (Boys & Girls)






      Year   7 Boys Football


      Year   8 Boys Football


      Year   9 Boys Football


      Year   7 Girls Netball


      Year   8-9 Girls Football





      Years-7-8   Boys Cricket


      Year   7 Boys Basketball


      Years   8-9 Boys Basketball


      Year   7-9 Tennis (Boys & Girls)


      Year   7-9 Girls Rounders


      Years   7-9 Girls Hockey


      Year   7 Girls Football

      • Beth ydy’r TOCYN IAITH?

        Bob amser fyddwch chi yn gwneud ymdrech i siarad Cymraeg yn yr ysgol – gwersi, coridor, llyfrgell, ffreutur, iard ac ati – byddwch yn cael TOCYN IAITH gan eich athrawon.

        Every time you make an effort to speak Welsh in school – lessons, corridor, library, canteen, yard etc. – you will get a TOCYN IAITH from your teachers.


        Bydd y TOCYN IAITH yn cyfrannu at y system pwyntiau tai!


        The TOCYN IAITH will contribute to the house points system!