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  • General


    School Policy Regarding Bullying

    A Definition of Bullying

    Deliberately hurtful (including aggression);

    • Repeated often over a period of time, while recognising that even a one-off incident can leave a learner traumatised and nervous of future recurrence; and
    • Difficult for victims to defend themselves against.

    The Nature of Bullying

    Bullying can be physical and/or verbal and/or psychological.

    We recognise that bullying occurs occasionally at Friars, as it does in any other school. 

    • We emphasise the importance of the following:

      • that pupils should be encouraged to respect others;
      • that bullying should be discussed in lessons, mentioned in  assemblies etc. so that awareness is maintained and strategies for dealing with it are known;
      • that the school has supervisory staff on duty before and after school and during breaks;
      • that information about incidents of bullying is given to everyone who needs to know;
      • that bullying on the way to or from school, or bullying which began outside school (e.g. via the internet in the evenings) but which continues in school will be dealt with by the school.


      There are a number of ways in which you can report bullying in school, either as the victim or as someone who has witnessed it:

      1. Let a member of staff know;
      2. Let your Bullying Ambassador know (if in  Years 7-9);
      3. Let 6th Form Peer Support know (found either  in the Video Conference room, opposite library, or in C7 during lunchtime)
      4. Use the 'Bully Box' near the Resource Room and next to the Pastoral Support Office;
      5. Send an email to

  • Anti-Bullying Week

    The week before Anti-Bullying Week a group of students, alongside Mr Parry (Deputy Headteacher) updated the school's Anti-Bullying Policy which is now available online here.  The school also joined thousands of other schools by signing up to the Anti-Bullying Alliance School and College Network ( and note that we now have 'Use of the ABA School and College Network logo to show our commitment to tackling bullying on the school website, anti-bullying policy and school newsletters.'

    During the course of the week (16th to 20th November) the school organised events to coincide with national Anti-Bullying Week.  This was launched by Peer Support during Assembly on Monday and the school contributing to the Young Wales #antibullyingweek thunderclap on twitter. A competition was organised for pupils to create an Anti-Bullying poster - all the entries are displayed along the English corridor in a new Anti-Bullying display area. The winner of the £20 voucher for the best poster was Lotti (8E) This poster will now be copied and distributed throughout the school.

    Peer Support also co-ordinated the election of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for each form class in lower school.  This is a brand new role for pupils in KS3, and Ambassadors received training from Peer Support to prepare them in their new roles.

    Following-up the week's Anti-Bullying theme, our Police Community Support Officer led an assembly on cyber-bullying.  As with everything when it comes to bullying, the important first step is to tell someone what's happening.  Further information about how to be deal with cyber-bullying can be found here whilst the SchoolBeat website gives good advice about how to keep safe online.