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    We place great emphasis on obtaining explanations for absence as this assists us to reduce truancy. We look carefully at the school register every morning at 9:30 a.m. and make telephone calls to inquire about absences. It therefore helps if you can telephone us quite early in the morning if a pupil is absent. If you have not been contacted, please give your child a letter to bring to school on his/her return. A letter will also be needed if your child needs to leave school grounds during the day e.g. to visit the dentist. With long-term absence, or absence from an external examination, a medical certificate may be required. Work will be set for the pupil – parents need to contact the Head of Year beforehand.

    Holidays should not be arranged during term-time. If there are special circumstances, please discuss the matter with the Headmaster beforehand.

    As well as telephoning us at the school regarding your child's absence you can also email us.

    Contact details for the school can be found here.