Topic outline

  • General

    • Business Studies

      WJEC Level 1/Level 2 GCSE in Business Studies

      How will I be assessed?

      Controlled Assessments 
      These have replaced the old coursework unit. The controlled assessment task is worth 25% of the total marks available. Students will have a choice of business investigations to complete. They will be given a period of time to prepare resources. They will then have a three hour supervised session where they write up their findings. 
      An end of course examination of two hours duration will assess candidates. This counts for 75% of their total mark. 

      What skills do I need?
      •    Knowledge of current affairs  •    Ability to analyse and evaluate data

      •    Able to use ICT to a good standard  •    Able to analyse data and calculate percentages  •    An interest in how Businesses work  •    Good research skills  •    Presentation skills

      How will students learn?

      • Group work
      • Independent research for the controlled assessment
      • Teacher input
      • Class discussions
      • Visits from outside speakers and entrepreneurs
      • Homework tasks
      • Past paper style questions
      • Use of ICT

      What happens after this course?

      Business Studies is taught at A Level and many students to go on to study Business at A Level

      Job ideas

      • Marketing
      • Advertising and Public Relations
      • Market Research
      • Brand and Product Management
      • Accountancy and Finance
      • Commercial banking and Investment banking
      • Retail and retail management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Operations management

      Want to find out more?

      For further information see Mrs M Hanlon (Head of Faculty) in B1.

      • Health & Social Care

        WJEC Level 1/Level 2 GCSE in Health and Social Care (Double Award)

        What will I learn?

        This course will help you to learn:

        • How to be an effective independent learner
        • Aspects of health, social care and early years sectors
        • How to investigate and evaluate a range of services and organisations
        • How to develop a critical and analytical approach to problem-solving within the health, social care and early years sectors
        • Examine issues which affect the nature and quality of human life and appreciate diversity and cultural issues

        How will I learn?

        Use of vocational links, plan and carry out a variety of investigations, evaluate evidenceThis qualification provides an opportunity for candidates to pursue a course of study and develop their knowledge and understanding of health and social care in a vocational context:

        • Problem Solving
        • Decision Making
        • Using a range of resources
        • Cultural Understanding
        • Health & Safety Awareness

        What will I need?

        • Basic proficiency in literacy, numeracy, ICT and motivation to work independently.

        How will I be assessed?

        • Completion of 1 controlled portfolio task set by WJEC internally assessed.   

        Weighting 60%  (Unit 1 )

        • 1 written exam paper 1¼ hrs externally set and marked.                                 

         Weighting 40%  (Unit 2)

        What happens after this course?

        This course will offer a variety of opportunities for progression into Advanced level GCE; training eg Modern Apprenticeships or NVQs; or directly into employment

        Job Ideas

        • Nursing
        • Health Care assistant
        • Nursery nurse
        • Physiotherapy
        • Occupational Therapy
        • Medicine
        • Deaf Interpreter
        • Education Psychologist
        • Health Promotion Officer
        • Life Coach
        • Primary School Teacher
        • Residential Care Assistant
        • Social Worker
        • Speech Therapist
        • Support Worker
        • Youth Worker
        • Work Skills