Topic outline

  • General

    Key Stage 3

    Year 7 pupils will study the following subjects:

    Welsh, English, Mathematics, French, Information Technology, Art, Music, Geography, History, Religious Education, Science, Design Technology, Physical Education and Games, Personal and Social Education (PSE) e.g. Active Citizenship, Health and Emotional Wellbeing, Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, Careers and the World of Work, ICT Skills, etc.

    Year 8 pupils will study the above except:

    Science will be split into Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

    English – will include English Literature as well as Language.


    Year 9

    Every child follows a course in the following Departments: Mathematics, English, Welsh, Modern Foreign Languages, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Geography, History, Religious Education, Music, Art, Design & Technology, Physical Education and Games, PSE Modules (Drama, Health, Information Technology, Enterprise, Citizenship and Careers).

    Basic Skills and Additional Learning Needs

    Classroom support is provided within the resources of the school. There is one teaching group in which the group size is restricted to provide maximum individual attention and additional support is provided in accordance with the school’s policy on Additional Learning Needs.

    Key Stage 4

    GCSE Options are chosen in Year 9 in preparation for KS4 leading up to GCSEs in Year 11.

    The following subjects are compulsory; English, Math, Science, Welsh, PSE, PE and Welsh Baccalaureate (including RS).

    The school will carry out 2 surveys in year 9, the first is a free choice survey where pupils can choose six subjects from a list. We will then group the subjects into four option columns. We will try to fit the first four options into the columns so that pupils can take them all. If this is not possible we will try again using the reserve choices.


    Once we have the four option columns, we will survey pupils again to check that the number of pupils in each class is OK.

    After this second survey, the final columns are drawn up for pupils to make their definite choices.

    Throughout the whole process the teachers will be happy to give more details about the courses they teach. The careers advisor will interview pupils to help them make decisions. The Head of Year can also help pupils with their choices.