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  • Positive Parents Forum

    The Positive Parents Forum is a chance for parents to meet with the Senior Management Team and discuss new ideas under development, as well as issues they would like to raise.  The setting up of this forum last year was a means for the school to help secure greater partnership-working between parents and school management.  A selection of suggestions from parents and responses from the school’s management team is included below - for a fuller picture of what has been discussed in previous meetings, the feedback from all meetings can be found in the archived documents below:



    Transition/Welcome   to Friars Evening

    You wanted the same primary-secondary transition information   presented during the Welcome to Friars evening as is on the website.

    This was updated and can now be found in the designated Transition area of the website

    You wanted more in-depth information on uniform requirements at the   Welcome to Friars evening?

    This will be included in our future evenings.

    More information on SEN provision at Year 6/7 transition

    This will be included in our Year 6 Welcome Evening from 2016-17

    Contacting the   school

    You wanted a system to directly contact your child’s teacher by   email

    The email will still be sent to the Year Team Leader but we asked   you to also add in the subject description of the email ‘FAO: [teacher’s   name] and your child’s name and form class’ to ensure it gets to the right   person quicker.

    You wanted a means to email the school directly in the event of your   child’s absence.

    We set up a designated email address for you to use: or


    You wanted to be able to navigate the website better

    Since 2015 we’ve worked on updating the school’s website from last   year and have made a significant upgrade. As always, feedback is gratefully   received

    You wanted information on what extra-curricular clubs and activities   are available

    These have been uploaded to the website (beneath the ‘Pupils’ tab) and are   amended accordingly.

    Educate parents (letters etc) as to what is on Moodle and how to   access it!

    A good idea. This is something which we’ll introduce for 2017-18.


    You wanted a means to email the school directly in the event of your   child’s absence.

    We set up a designated email address for you to use: or

    You wanted clearer information about school policy on attendance.

    As well as the information in the Homework Diaries, we’ve now   created a designated attendance area on the website where this   information can now be found.

    Lunchtime   arrangements

    You wanted to know more about the school lunch menu and costs

    This is now available on our website.

    You wanted pupils to be allowed to eat in any lunchtime club/group   they visited.

    So long as pupils are supervised by a teacher and have their consent   to do so, pupils are now allowed to do this (apart from ICT classrooms).

    You want pupils to be allowed to eat their packed lunches outside.

    We’ve purchased picnic tables and planned for a controlled trial   period to monitor litter.  If successful, we’ll look at fundraising for   further tables.

    FastPass available to pupils taking part in lunchtime   activities/sessions.

    A good idea and something which we will encourage teachers to issue


    You wanted more information about transport to/from school

    We’ve created a new designated transport area on our website where you   can now access this information


    You said you wanted an explanation of the relationship between   grades (A*-G) and National Curriculum Levels (Year 7-9)

    We’ve now made this clear on the December reports and included the   levels to grades conversion on the termly reports.

    Parental   Engagement

    Faculty/photo on web so parents can identify child’s teacher (kids   don’t know names)

    This is being   prepared ahead of 2016-17 Parents Evening.

    Teaches go to   local community centres to meet parents – drop in day sessions

    We’ve already   approached a primary school for something similar to this.  Mr Parry has   also arranged a drop-in session for parents of year 7 pupils o take place   earlier in term, with the Parents Evening taking place much later.


    Teachers to say how long it should take & get pupil feedback on   how long it did take, so can be modified so not to time-consuming

    Heads of   Department will be notified to give some attention to this

    Give time at the end of lesson to explain homework so pupils understand what to do, not throw an A4 sheet of paper with a basic title on at them as they leave the classroom. This is not helpful - please include all the information

    Sensible suggestion. Would allow staff   to check it was being recorded in diaries as well

    Spot check homework diaries to check a   child isn’t getting too many subjects in a week.

    We do this already but perhaps should   broaden our focus to ensure we are thinking about too many as well as too   few.

    Sports Day

    Information for parents on what happens at Sports Day,   events/results etc. How it is organised – does everyone have to participate?

    This was made available

    Additional   Learning Needs

    Expand on expectations for parents, pupils (like a service level   agreement) so everyone aware of system, timings of IEP’s, what warning signs   to flag up

    A good idea. This information could be included in our ALN booklet   which we’ll make available on the website. Timing of IEP’s will vary owing to   availability ALN Co-ordinator who also teaches and is also Year 7 Team   Leader.

    Formalise face-to-face with SENCO at Parents Evening

    We’ve made it clear in the Parents Evening letters that the ALNCO   will also be available.

    More information on SEN provision at Year 6/7 transition

    This will be included in our Year 6 Welcome Evening from 2016-17


    Sufficient soap and toilet roll

    A good point. We need to include this in the regular visual check   mentioned above


    Wasn’t so prescriptive, e.g. enforce black trousers, whether jeans or   not as long as they are black

    Our view is pupils should be complying with every school rule,   especially those where there is visible defiance. If pupils are following   basic rules such as uniform and conduct towards each other, they’re also less   likely to be seriously misbehaving. However, we are looking at the issue of   trousers which seems to be causing most of the issues. This follows a request   from the School Council.

    If uniform was available from more outlets

    If uniform was available from more outlets


    Social media security sooner.

    Agreed. We’ll look at scheduling an earlier session for 2017-18

    Parents   Evening

    Teachers to stay until 6pm

    Teachers must stay for each of their appointments and ask permission   from SMT to leave once their schedule is complete. Should a parent be present   at the evening (signed the register) but have missed an appointment, teachers   are required to stay no more than 15 minutes after their last appointment.   However, SMT will give some time to consider how best to ensure that   appointments are kept so that no one misses their ‘slot’.

    Mugshots of teachers on website

    There is a photo of most key pastoral staff on the website. We’ve   also got 6th Formers responsible for the register who can also help you   identify staff on the evening. SMT will consider this further e.g. displaying   photos in the foyer during the evening.

    Year 7 Parents Evening is too early for teachers to know the children   well. Nice to know they have settled but would be better to have two   evenings, otherwise change the time to after Christmas

    Each year group has one formal parents evening, some have evenings   for specific functions e.g. Options, Mentoring etc. However, this doesn’t   involve all staff. Whilst we may not be able to include another Parents   Evening regarding academic progress, we’ve already scheduled opportunities in   October for Year 7 parents to visit the school to find out how their child   has settled.

    Consider an on-line booking system that parents can use – rather than   leaving it to the children to arrange

    An interesting suggestion, we’ll look into this though also need   consider that some parents may not have access to the internet/PC

    School   Complaints Procedure

    Give handout to all Year 7’s and then at Parents evening for other   years

    We’ll have leaflets available on the Year 6 Open Evening and Parents   Evening, and will also make some copies available in reception. This document   will also be available online.

    ‘feedbacky’ – feedback on its own is better or ‘feedbackyr7’

    A good point. We’ll get this changed to feedbackyr7, feedbackyr8 etc


    Faster intervention for ‘failing’   students – can take up to a half term and perhaps review e.g. 6th From   Intervention not necessarily effective and possible stigma.    Intervention/talking to parents about help options to stop them dropping   earlier – mid year and pre-GCSE years.

    No problem as long as the clear   evidence of underperformance is there. We’ll discuss this at Senior   Management level.

    Explain system early on – some parents   had no idea.

    A good idea.  A planned Y7   information evening will include this.


    Parent Mail – let parents know about   these career service activities – e.g. mock interviews etc.

    A good idea.  ParentMail will be   used actively in the next academic year. Any feedback as to its usefulness or   not will be greatly appreciated at the end of academic year 2017-18.


    • Terms of Reference

      1. Only parents and carers of children currently attending Ysgol Friars can attend. All parents and carers are eligible and welcome and will be referred to in minutes and other documentation as Parents.
      2. The forum does not have any statutory responsibilities, duties or powers in the school.  It has an advisory and consultative role.  There is no reduction in the role and responsibilities of the Governing Body.
      3. All parents are welcome to attend any or all of the meetings during the year.
      4. Ysgol Friars Positive Parents’ Forum will be facilitated by the school.
      5. If you wish to submit an agenda item please contact the Assistant Head. Telephone: 01248 364905 or e-mail:
      6. Aims of the Parents’ Forum:
        1. To provide an opportunity for the parent voice to be heard, and for parents to engage with the school;
        2. To discuss new and existing policies and procedures within the school;
        3. Greater partnership working between parents and school management.
        4. To improve the development of the school, its policies, procedures and many other aspects.
      7. Ysgol Friars’ Parents’ Forum seeks to:
        1. Improve and enhance home-school communication links for the benefit of all students in the school;
        2. Consider policy information presented by staff and contribute feedback from a parental viewpoint;
        3. Raise whole school issues for discussion and consideration in future school transformation planning;
        4. To find ways for parents to engage with the school to enable parents to support their child’s learning and progress.
      8. Ysgol Friars’ Parent Forum is not:
        1. A forum to discuss individual students or parents;
        2. Used to discuss issues relating to individual staff;
        3. For addressing specific curriculum details

      Meeting Details

      1. Meetings are held once every term.  Dates to be agreed at each meeting and published on the school website.
      2. PTSA will be asked to provide refreshments for each evening.
      3. All parents are welcomed to attend the meetings which are held in a relaxed atmosphere and will give parents an opportunity to discuss issues and to socialize with other parents;
      4. Agendas will be published on the school website;
      5. Minutes, or notes of the discussions held will also be published on the school website.