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  • General

    School  Uniform regulations have been confirmed and  adopted by  the  School Governing Body in order to foster  pride  in  the school  and  a  sense of belonging to it. All pupils must be dressed in accordance with the details set out below. Variations are not permitted unless specified. This is one of the School Rules.

    The school’s dress code is enforced. Pupils are expected to conform to it and wear it tidily. Outdoor clothing is not to be worn in class.

    Pupils are expected to present themselves smartly at all times.

    Sixth form students have their own uniform. Details are contained in the sixth form handbook.

    The school is grateful to parents for their support for school uniform regulations.

    School Uniform - Girls

                       Gold school polo shirt with crest for years 7, 8 & 9

                       Black polo shirt with the school crest (and the gold stripes on the collar) for years 10 & 11

                       Black skirt or black straight legged trousers

                       White or black socks, black or natural tights

                       Plain flat black shoes

                       Black school sweat shirt with crest


    School Uniform - Boys

                       Gold school polo shirt with crest for years 7, 8 & 9

                       Black polo shirt with the school crest (and the gold stripes on the collar) for years 10 & 11

                       Black trousers

                       Black or grey socks

                       Plain black shoes

                       Black school sweat shirt with crest

    Physical  Education - Compulsory Uniform

               Indoors  - Girls and Boys

                       White polo shirt with school crest, black shorts, bare feet

               Outdoors - Girls 

    White polo shirt with school crest, black fleece with school crest, black shorts, white socks and trainers

    Black tracksuit bottoms during the winter term

               Outdoors - Boys

    Black and amber rugby shirt, black shorts, black and amber socks, football boots and trainers

                       The above can be purchased through the PE department.

     See additional detailed information below.

    • Hair

      • Hair dyed or streaked with natural colours is permitted, unnatural colours such as green and pink are not;
      • Hair beyond shoulder length should be tied back where, in the member of staff’s professional opinion, failing to do so would compromise health and safety. Pupils with long hair should have a hair bobble with them for this purpose;
      • Close cropped hair below number 2 not permitted;
      • Dangling coloured plaits, hair extensions etc. are not permitted;
      • Patterns shaved into hair – not permitted;
      • No hats permitted in school buildings - religious headgear excepted.
      • Facial

        • No facial piercing permitted;
        • One pair of stud earrings permitted - may be worn two in one ear or one in each;
        • Current fashion for large square stud earrings with mock diamonds not permitted if they overlap the ear (i.e. stick out beyond the lobe, for example);
        • No other loop or drop earrings permitted;
        • Placing a plaster over facial piercing is not sufficient;
        • No excessive make-up allowed.
        • Torso

          • Only school polo and sweatshirt permitted;
          • Black cardigans, pullovers etc. not permitted;
          • Wearing a coloured pullover, sweatshirt as outdoor clothing not permitted;
          • Hoodies currently classed as acceptable outdoor clothing;
          • Anything with unacceptable logo (skulls etc.) not permitted;
          • No tee-shirt to be visible under polo shirt;
          • Watch permitted, no other visible jewellery.
          • Below the waist

            • Trousers must be plain black;
            • Charcoal grey or any colour other than black not permitted;
            • Jeans, jeans-style trousers, corduroy or other casual trousers not permitted;
            • Combat type or others with large pockets midway down the leg not permitted;
            • Skirts must be plain black of a sensible length;
              • Black, natural or black patterned tights permitted;
              • Shorts of a sensible length permitted;
              • Leggings not permitted (even under skirts);
              • Belts must be plain black and hold trousers up – not for adornment;
              • Trousers are not permitted if they:
                • Are so wide that shoes cannot be seen;
                • Drag along the floor or touch the floor when pupils are standing;
                • Are frayed at the hem
            • Feet

              • Shoes must be plain black;
              • No flip flops or shoes which may come off easily;
              • Trainers permitted if plain black;
              • If socks are visible whilst standing (especially girls’ sandals or shoes) must be black or white;
              • Black boots are permitted (up to calf level);
              • Heels no more than 4 cm.