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  • Reminders / updates

    • Hair dyed or streaked with natural colours is permitted, unnatural colours such as green and pink etc. are not.
    • All over shaves / close-cropped hair below a number 2 are not permitted. Differences in hair length i.e. close-cropped hair (with fades) with long hair – permitted IF the styles could be deemed ‘a short back and sides’.
    • Patterns / words / logos / partings shaved into hair – not permitted.
    • No facial piercing permitted (this includes nose, eyebrow, lip, clear or any other facial piercings)
    Trousers / Skirts:
    • Trousers must be smartplain and black.
    • Skirts must be smartplain and black; and of an appropriate length.
    • Full length, full height black, plain, tights are permitted.  Patterned tights / stockings which are not full tights are not permitted.
    • We recommend that tights should be a 60 denier at least.