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  • Ysgol Friars PTSA

    What we do

    Support the school and its pupils in a wide range of extra-curricular and out of classroom activities, which help make the school experience a more enjoyable one for our children. 

    In 2013-14 we awarded £2160 to such activities. 

    In 2014-15 we awarded £1745.  So far this year we’ve requests for over £1800

    How have we supported recently?

    ·         Help out with funding (in addition to that provided by the school) for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, allowing for extra places on this popular activity.

    ·         We have purchased kit for the Netball Team, an extra table for the Table Tennis Club, music stands for the Music Department, an outdoor picnic table.

    ·         We’ve also recently provided funds to help repair a vital piece of equipment in the Design & Technology Department

    ·         Aided with the hire of props for last year’s drama production (helped with the hiring costs of Audrey 2 in last year’s Little Shop of Horrors production)

    ·         Helping out with keeping the cost of this year’s French exchange trip at a reasonable level, and therefore more affordable for parents.

    ·         Regular support for the Success Maker programme.

    ·         Mats for the Bouldering Club

    How we do it

    ·         Meet at least once a term;

    ·         Hold a disco for Years 7, 8 & 9 once a term;

    ·         Organise a sponsored event (exciting ideas are always welcome!);

    ·         Organise Quiz Nights;

    ·         Provide refreshments at school events such as Parents Evenings and drama productions;

    ·         Have an Annual General meeting in the autumn term.

    What we need

    More volunteers for practical help at events

    Enthusiasm and suggestions for future events

    School families who will come to our events and support them


    Wed 7th December at 4:00pm – PTSA AGM(canteen)

    23/11/17 or 7/12/17 – Quiz tbc

    Spring Disco – 22/2/18 tbc

    March Quiz – 15/3/18

    July Quiz – 12/7/18



    6/9/17 @ 4pm in canteen

    8/11/17 – AGM in canteen @ 4pm

    10/1/18 @ 4pm in canteen

    7/2/18 @ 4pm in canteen

    11/4/18 @ 4pm in canteen

    6/6/18 @ 4pm in canteen

    If you want to contact the PTSA please send an email to

    • Design & Technology

      Mr Holdsworth (Head of D&T Faculty): The kind gesture from the PTSA to provide the funding necessary for the service and repair of our Laser cutter has allowed all pupils at KS3,4 and 5 to complete and produce high quality products. The funding was used to ensure a qualified engineer from Solar lasers serviced and replaced vital parts of the CNC; for example - pulleys, belts and recalibration of the laser and refilling of the gas chamber were all necessary. Prior to this, we had difficulty in ensuring that products were cut accurately.

      The ability for all pupils to have, and use modern CNC is vital to the successful completion of our KS3 projects, key aspects of the POS - curriculum, all KS4 and 5 specifications.

      Pupils are shown how to set-up and use the laser cutter to produce a variety of different products or models. The level of accuracy that this works to now is +-0mm. Therefore, allowing all users to manufacture products of high quality.

      Attached are some images of recent jobs, some on-going that pupils are working on. This machine is in constant use during the school day.

    • Modern Foreign Languages

      Ms Fergyson (French Dept.): The PTSA have contributed towards the transport costs of the French exchange. This is vital to helping us continue the exchange. Each year pupils have a chance to experience life in a French family and see the historical sights of Paris.  Pupils always enjoy the experience and benefit from it on both a linguistic and a cultural level. They also enjoy hosting their French pen pals on their return visit.

    • PE Department

      Mrs Harris (PE Dept.): Here are some photos of the kit that we purchased for Netball tour 2014 which was helped fun the kit which is still used by the teams now. 



      Mr Ellis-Williams (Head of PE): We have now 5 usable tables to develop table tennis in the curriculum. With the purchase of these tables we have had pupils offer the sport for GCSE and AS level as well as being an useful addition to teaching especially at Key Stage 4. We also run table tennis clubs on lunchtimes and after school which have been popular. 


      • Mr Martin Roberts, SuccessMaker

        The money from the PTSA has been of great help to the pupils in that it motivates them to give their best effort at all times, builds their self-confidence & encourages them to work as part of a team (where they can earn points to gain prizes for our awards at Xmas, Easter & end o year). This academic year it has also helped us expand SuccessMaker, with the addition of the extra programmes, to help even more pupils.  The recent reading tests have shown significant improvement.

      • Travel & Tourism

        A big thank you to the PTSA for supporting the 6th Form Travel and Tourism class in running a very successful trip to London. Without the support of the PTSA the trip would have struggled to go ahead as the costs put on the Students would have increased. Planning and running a trip is an essential requirement of their coursework and if the costs had increased it would have limited the customer base needed to meet the coursework requirements. The pupils organised a jam packed trip and thoroughly enjoyed the experience in organising and budgeting a trip. Vital skills for their coursework and life.

        • 100 Club

          For £12 each year, you could join our 100 Club which pays out prizes each month of £20, £15 and £10.  All monies remaining after prizes are awarded go into PTSA funds and support the school.  If you would like to join, please complete the form below (attached) and return to school reception in an envelope labelled Ysgol Friars PTA 100 club as soon as possible. Parents and friends of the school can join.

        • PTSA Members

          Anne Aspinall (Chair)

          Sharon Tyler (Secretary)

          Sarah Sadeghi (Treasurer)

          Jackie Street (Assistant Head)

          Aaron Evans (Senior Teacher)

          Crystal Summerfield (Teacher)

          Nick Sewell (Teacher)

          Chris Parry (Teacher)

          Jackie Ijaz ( PTSA member)

          Susanne Skubik Intriligator (PTSA member)

          Tony Graham Segui (PTSA member)

          Wendy Scrase (100 Club)