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  • Cyffredinol

    • Complaints Procedure

      No school is perfect and we do sometimes get things wrong. We believe that it is important to deal with problems when they occur; small difficulties which are not resolved can soon become major concerns. If you have a problem, the school has procedures to seek to resolve it and we assure you that we try to resolve any difficulties as best we can.

      Complaints about the school curriculum are governed by law. The Local Education Authority, in accordance with the requirements of the Secretary of State, under Section 23 of the 1988 Education Reform Act, has established a procedure to consider complaints concerning the way schools’ Governing Bodies and the Education Authorities act in relation to the school`s curriculum and other related matters. This procedure is outlined in a document in Welsh and English which is available at the school. A copy will be provided free of charge as required to any parent seeking to make a complaint under these arrangements and the Authority can, if necessary, provide a copy in a language other than Welsh or English.

      However, many complaints can be dealt with quickly and effectively by informal consideration based on discussions with the Headteacher or other staff in the school. The Governing Body would expect that this step would have been completed before presenting the complaint formally.

      An appointment can be made to discuss any complaint with the Headteacher by contacting the school secretary.

      Any other complaints which are not directly related to the organisation of the curriculum should be directed to the Headteacher or the Deputy Headteachers.