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    School Uniform regulations have been confirmed and adopted by the School Governing Body in order to foster pride in the school and a sense of belonging to it. All pupils must be dressed in accordance with the details set out in this Handbook. Variations are not permitted unless specified. This is one of the School Rules.

    The school is grateful to parents for their support for school uniform regulations.

    School Uniform - Girls

    • Gold school polo shirt with crest
    • Black skirt or black straight legged trousers
    • White or black socks, or black tights
    • Plain flat (no higher than 4cm) black shoes - no platforms / high heels
    • Black school sweat shirt with crest

    School Uniform - Boys

    • Gold school polo shirt with crest
    • Black trousers
    • Black or grey socks
    • Plain black shoes
    • Black school sweat shirt with crest

    The school’s dress code is enforced. Pupils are expected to conform to it and wear it tidily. Outdoor clothing is not to be worn in class. There are restrictions on the wearing of jewellery. One pair of stud earrings is permitted as is a watch. Hair should be neither excessively long or short. Extreme styles and unnatural colours are not permitted. Long hair should be tied back for safety in physical education or practical lessons.

    Pupils are expected to present themselves smartly at all times.

    Sixth form students are allowed some flexibility. Details are contained in the sixth form handbook.

    Physical Education Uniform

    Girls and Boys: Indoors Black shorts, white T-shirt, bare feet

    Girls - Outdoors Black shorts, white T-shirt, trainers, white socks Optional extras: Black skirt, track suit, black sweatshirt or plain black hoodie

    Boys - Outdoors Black shorts, black and amber shirts, black and amber socks, football boots, trainers. Optional extras: plain black hoodie