Topic outline

  • General

    The Governing Body

    This Governing Body has adopted the following aims, which are not listed in any order of importance:

    1. To seek first and foremost to nurture a civilised society which stresses human and moral values and to develop self-respect, tolerance and concern for others.
    2. To equip each individual to lead a full life in the bilingual community in which he/she lives.
    3. To enable each individual to develop intellectual, creative, social, practical and physical skills.
    4. To teach about man's achievements and aspirations in the arts, the sciences, religion and the search for a better society.
    5. To enable each individual to acquire knowledge, attitudes and skills relevant to adult life, in a rapidly changing world, continuing education and the creative use of leisure.
    6. To help each pupil to understand the world in which he/she lives and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
    7. To develop the necessary skills and understanding in the following areas of experience:
      • Linguistic
      • Mathematical
      • Scientific
      • Technological
      • Religious/Moral
      • Aesthetic/Creative
      • Personal/Human/Social



    The Annual Governors and Parents’ Meeting

    This meeting used to be held every spring term, provided sufficient numbers of parents indicated that they would be attending. However, the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 removed the previous requirement for a governing body to hold an annual meeting with parents. The law now enables parents to request up to three meetings in a school year with their children’s school governing body.


    If parents want a meeting or meetings to be held, they must:


    • Organise a petition signed by parents of at least 30 registered pupils. Both parents may sign the petition, but if they have only one child at the school, both signatures will count as one “registered pupil”.


    • The meeting must be for the purpose of discussing matters relating to the school. A meeting must not be viewed as an alternative route to make a complaint.


    • Issues of a personal or individual nature relating to a specific child or member of staff must not be discussed.


    • The summary of the matters to be discussed should appear at the top of the petition, with the parents’ signatures appearing below.

    There will be no more than three meetings held in the school year in which the petition from parents is received:

    A school year runs from the beginning of the autumn term in September of one year to the end of the summer term in July of the following year.  There must be sufficient school days left in the school year to allow a meeting to be held before the end of a 25 day period. Weekends, bank/public holidays, school holidays and INSET days do not count towards the 25 day period.

     Calling the meeting:

     If the petition meets the legal requirements, a written notice giving details of the date, venue and time of the meeting and the matters to be discussed will be placed on all school notice boards and a letter for parents of all registered pupils at the school will be sent home with the pupils. The meeting will be held before the end of a 25 day period after the petition is received. Ten days’ notice will be given.

     The meeting will be chaired by the Chair (or, if he/she is unavailable, the Vice Chair) of Governors. At least half (rounded up if necessary to achieve a whole number) of the parents who signed the petition must be in attendance for the meeting to be quorate and to proceed.

    • Ysgol Friars Governing Body 2018/19

      Essi Ahari                    Community Governor (Chair)

      Keith Horton               Community Governor (Vice Chair)

      Gerry Lynch                Community Governor

      Bethan Morris-Jones   Community Governor

      Ann Pritchard Jones    Community Governor

      Mair Rowlands           LEA Governor

      Elfed Morris                LEA Governor

      Medwyn Hughes        LEA Governor

      Rod White                  LEA Governor

      Jade Flanagan             LEA Governor

      Dan Street                   Parent Governor

      Ed Farley-Hills            Parent Governor

      Stuart Wallace             Parent Governor

      Clare Houston             Parent Governor

      Gareth Mayhead         Parent Governor

      Emily Wood                Parent Governor

      Fiona Rennie               Teacher Governor

      Cherry Shacklady       Teacher Governor

      Neil Foden                  Headteacher

      Cathy Goodwin           Staff Governor